Copyright Safety Systems work for a social cause to support various fields like consumer products, new innovative projects, artists’ intellectual property, USP’s of upcoming companies and existing companies, software applications and movies from piracy. A team of dedicated people were engaged in this prior to all other service providers in the industry. The team has started its work since 1993 and has a received a lot of appreciation and testimonials from the Telugu Film Industry.

Copyright Safety Systems is dedicated to the protection of copyrighted content against unauthorized usage, duplication and distribution. Media piracy is a fast- growing, worldwide problem that costs billions of dollars a year in lost revenue. Piracy also deteriorates the brand integrity of content creators, and discourages investments in media enterprises, consumer products and small baby born software companies. Our focus is on consumer daily usage products, movies, software business world and the most challenging to combat.

Copyright Safety Systems is lead by H.V. Chalapathy Raju garu with group of team members who are focused in the market since 19 years on forging ahead with their legal team and diversified interested in killing piracy strongly.