Indian CSS is the premier organization that controls Anti Piracy and protects your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
CSS offers comprehensive solutions to the ever growing problem of online piracy of Copyright Media. Our unique approach combined with advanced technology and customized services, delivers the best results in stopping unauthorized publication of your copyrighted materials online.

Our Services :-

Online Piracy :
imgCopyright Safety Systems has an expert team aboard. Our Search Team agents are highly experienced Internet Research Associates and use automated search and testing tools to capture keywords from websites. Our programs monitor websites even for the smallest changes and notify with links.


Direct Piracy :
direct_piracyDirect Piracy is infringing the copyright content by illegal copying and selling. Our Search and Raid team will obtain all necessary legal permissions from the respective departments and conduct through search throughout the state and penalize the piracy promoters by filing FIR against them.


Audio and Video Piracy :
img1Audio and Video Piracy is the one of the severe forms of piracy that troubles the copyright owners and distributors. We have a dedicated team to identify, notify and make audio and video piracy promoters to comply with copyrights act. We are authorized from the sources to file complaints and to take legal actions against piracy promoters in all electronic mediums.


35MM and Cable Tv Exploitation :
img2We also provide services to protect copyrights of your movies or media from un authorized broadcasting by Cable TV operators ,Multi System Operators and 35 MM Theaters .We have earlier filed several cases against the cable tv operators and 35 mm owners in this regard as per section 51,52A,63 And 63 A Of Indian Copy Right Act 1957.


Software Protection :
software_imgCopyright Safety Systems is working to educate consumers about the risks of obtaining counterfeit software from suspicious sources. We continuously investigate the sources of these spam and counterfeiting operations and take necessary actions in our capacity to stop these kinds of activities. Purchasing from a known and authorized sources and avoiding “too good to be true” deals are the best ways to avoid wasting valuable time and money on counterfeit or infringing software.
For the Authorized dealers, our Search and Raid Team will help in enforcing the use of original software, thereby promoting the growth in sales as well as protecting IPR.

Trademarks and Patent Rights :
trademarkWe are the authorized resellers for giving patent rights and trademarks to your intellectual property. We provide consultative services for all kinds of permissions nationally and internationally.



Consumer Products :
consumer-productsOff late piracy in FMCG and other consumer products have become a major health hazard for the consumers and also loss of revenue to the manufacturer. We have come to understand the gravity of this situation and we extend our help and services to this sector.

As our Search and Raid Team continuously sweep through the lengths and breadths across the state, identifying these duplicate products and reporting them to the concerned authorities is a no sweat job.